The spirit of Vittie Cothron


The June 4, 1950, just three weeks after the first Grand Prix of Formula 1, the spectators of that race of the Nascar, one of the first in its history, does not believe what they were seeing. Vittie Cothron was not the history, didn’t win his race, not performed feats bright… but had the courage to star in one of the deeds most unusual, physically risky, and absolutely bizarre in the history of the speed.

Cothron was riding third when he began to appreciate that the carburetor of his Ford 36 were beginning to pick up, and was descebando the engine. Vittie Cothron did the unthinkable: pulled out half a body by the windshield glass of your car, drove with the left hand, and with the right tore off the hood and held on to the carburetor. In such a position crossed the line in third place that his management made him earn for the rest of the test.

Cothron is not passed to the history, even that of Nascar, but his spirit must live in a certain way within the solid body of Fernando Alonso. If the champion out, it would accelerate to crank the cojitranco ERS of its Honda engine, poor and toothless in every race, even while he flies his MLC32 the time that triggered that kind of endiablado Rubik’s cube that is your steering wheel. Alonso is a junkie. A junkie of the victory, the podium, the smell of the wood, that corridor of green that by regulation has to precede each awards ceremony, and as you know that to return to go through those circumstances are going to spend years testing their luck in other latitudes.


Vittie Cothron in a race of the NASCAR 1950

As thousands of asturian immigrants were in the late NINETEENTH and early TWENTIETH centuries, ALO makes the Americas to remove the withdrawal symptoms of that drug hard, face get and great to enjoy that is to win. Not that it has surrendered in its natural habitat, but you know that little or nothing is to do… But neither will have it easy in the corral of the yankees. The Oviedo is a huge frenador, is a huge derrapador with the behind of your car and is a huge strategist in running order.

Are three subjects that nothing will serve him where he barely stops but slows down, like nailing you against the wall, and receive orders permanently by radio of the so-called spotter, a kind of watch that you long for the headphones, what do you have in front, behind and to the sides, in a language unlikely that it resembles vaguely to the English. If the races in F1 are run in English, in America, are little less than in chinese, and it is a language that still has to be approved. It is precisely for things like this became the nursery of the Indy, the ROP (Rookie Orientation Program) that had to go well bregados as Emerson Fittipaldi and Juan Pablo Montoya.

To qualify Fernando will not have to go to iron a back, but four, of which will come out an average speed that will be placed in a grid of eleven rows of three cars. Have to be gentle, without contravolantear, no brusqueness, no maneuvers, rudas, in a race of four hours, using a rebufos of that in F1 flee, to averages of more than 330 kilometres per hour (a speed that in F1 is reached in a timely manner) and the key of it all: in what position reaches the last fifteen minutes, and with how much fuel.


last year won by Alexander Rossi, who ten or twelve laps from the end was eighth, but it didn’t stop. The leader, the one destined to win made a “splash and dash”, a fast charge to finish, and he was the face of idiots to all of your team to watch the first goal that he was not playing.

Alonso’s not going to be a walk triumphal, but get into a mess where it is easier to skate than getting it right. Hands have, experience, not, the car should not be a problem and there is no just difference between the one and the other, but to think that you are going to get there, and input is going to win is to call useless to the rulers of those lands. Although the level of concentration of ALO is technically very superior, the yankees are not about mataos, and treasure what Oviedo lacks: know every inch of asphalt and local dominate the secrets of a category that in the old Europe is a perfect stranger. Now, as the move is going well it will be as the shot of Han Solo against The Death Star: one in a million, and the olympic medal that will be put on the neck should be the size of the wheel of a tractor.

With eyes of XXI Century a tractor is what they wore Vittie Cothron, that relatively unknown pilot, it could only go down in history for their power, not by their results. If the spirit of Vittie already lives within the asturian, now you just need to have a little more luck, that right in their decisions, and hopefully go further into the history books. In any case, good trip, Fernando, may have to pay overweight on your return flight.


PD: half of The entries of Indianapolis, the most expensive, have already flown and it is easy to think that the organizers held the registration of Alonso. If you want to go you better run or you will run into the street.