The spy photos final of the new BMW 5-Series, the range to the full

We look forward to the arrival of the new BMW 5-Series. This same year, the German brand will discover the cake of a saloon that will come with major developments, but with the intention to remain one of the references of the segment. will Be renovated from the first to the last, they all see in these spy photos. The caught short.

And is that it is unlikely, very unlikely, that all the units go together in procession, but the best for us. Four models have in pictures, the 5 Series, normal, version, family Touring, the more spacious GT and the always imposing M5. So let’s do a compilation of the information to see what we can expect.

BMW Series 5 2017


All will depart from the 5-Series basis. It will be the model on which support the other units

Will be the basis on which to support the other units. As we have already said, you will see the light in the living Room of Paris was held in a few months. Aesthetically changes are to be introduced, although not excessive. The shape will be the same, but not the car in general, which is based on a new platform, in addition to used engines, completely revised, more efficient and sparing. The technology will be another key, like Mercedes has done with the Class E.

BMW 5-Series Touring 2017


As a good family should provide the 5 Series Touring will have a luggage compartment volume of close to 600 litres

We are talking about the same car as in the previous case, although at a larger scale. BMW extended the rear overhang of the BMW 5-Series so it can have a greater cargo space. Of course also change the aesthetics, though as we see in the images the designers have tried hard for the changes to be minimal. Like the sedan will have the latest developments and a range of engines completely revised. His arrival will not occur until next year.

BMW 5-Series GT 2017


The 5-Series GT will improve the dimensions of the trunk of the sedan without modifying the dimensions

a few years Ago BMW thought they could get more out of their sedans, and for this reason introduced in the market drives GT for the 5 Series and the BMW 3 Series. It will highlight, like the Touring, by greater cargo space, but unlike the ranchera will do it without changing the external dimensions. A simple variation in the behind, along with the elevation of the tailgate, will allow a greater volume of trunk. As well indicate your initials, a Gran Turismo in every rule. It will be the third of the fleet to arrive.

BMW M5 2017


we All have a family member crazy, in the case of the Series 5 this is represented by the M5

And came to brother crazy family, the always impressive BMW M5. A few days ago we presented a preview of how it will be this vehicle of high performance. Aesthetically radicalizar√° all and each one of the lines of their brothers, but their secret is hidden in the engine bay. Once more laid hand on a large block of inline six-cylinder twin turbo that will be capable of generating a power output close to 600 horsepower, or even more. It will be the last to arrive, and surely it will not do so until the end of 2017.

What have all in common?

despite the differences, aesthetic, all present a series of qualities in common. As we have already said, BMW has developed a new platform, lightweight and more rigid. You will use part of carbon fiber, just like the BMW 7-Series, so as to get a lower weight on the scale.

Something similar happens with the engines, the conventional units, with the exception of the M5, will have the same offer mechanical. As you can see here in exclusive, the offer will be very varied, being able to find thrusters diesel, gasoline, hybrid and plug-in hybrids. These last make their debut technology, the charging by induction. The replenishment system may be well with the usual cable or without him. Simply put the car over a charging station and a current of induction is responsible for charging the batteries.

The technology will be another feature in the new generation of the BMW 5-Series. They will all have the same systems and developments. As we move forward in the sole, the central display will be a touch series. Added to this are teams of gesture recognition, augmented reality and driving autonomous. Likewise, it will include as standard headlights LED, and finally will improve the connectivity system, with connection to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

In a few months everything will be uncovered and will be then when we can know everything about the new generation of the BMW 5 Series, which will be called with the code G30. In this way, the saloon will continue to accumulate years of existence, born in 1972, and units sold. The long-awaited seventh generation.


In a few months we’ll know everything about the new generation of the BMW 5-Series