The SsangYong XLV-Air Concept ahead of us to Tivoli 7 seats


With the XLV-Air, SsangYong displayed in the Frankfurt Motor Show a preview of what will be the extended Tivoli, with three rows of seats and seven seats.


SsangYong XLV-Air Concept S Ssangyong announced it will take two prototypes to Frankfurt Motor Show , based on the platform of Tivoli. One of them is the XLV-Air, showing a preview of what will be Tivoli 7 seats to go into production in a short time and that is nothing more than a Tivoli with elongated body to accommodate their three rows of seats .

On the other hand the so-called XAV-Adventure looks similar to SsangYong presented earlier this year at the Seoul Motor Show, although in this case it is a conceptual work with no chance of reaching the streets, at least for now.

Compared with the current Tivoli, the extended version offers greater capacity with its three rows of seats, plus more space for luggage.

SsangYong XLV-Air Concept
SsangYong XLV-Air Concept

Aesthetically, the little that shows the official image, shows it has a third side window while both bumpers and taillights, look different from the conventional model.

Without doubt it is a good bet by SsangYong, and a proposal SUV 7 seater that is framed within the Segment B is not the most customary in the current market.

Regarding the prototype XAV-Adventure SsangYong says is a reinterpretation of the Korando , indicating that could show the preliminary features of his successor. Although not clear from the mark when generational change will come, it is noted that the conceptual work keeps certain visual similarities with the Tivoli , which would help strengthen its brand image.

SsangYong XAV-Adventure Concept
SsangYong XAV-Adventure Concept



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