The steepest street in the world is not in San Francisco

If you preguntasen where the steepest street in the world is probably you would say that in San Francisco, or our Cuesta de Cervantes in Toledo. The answer is wrong. Apparently the steepest street in the world is in the New Zealand town of Dunedin . This street is paved and may circulate in her car, but would not try if it rains or without good tires. Because its slope is a dizzying 35% . Who came up with this urban nonsense?

Of course, no one dares to park the car at full cost. Imagine if the brakes fail.

Apparently, the fault of the English – insertad here joke that you desire – that when the road network planned Dunedin and possibly centuries ago, they did not consider the local part of the rugged terrain. One of the streets had an excessive slope, but not contravene the orders of London was also built. Thus was born Baldwin Street, a street just 350 meters long. Is so steep that ascend or descend one meter every 2.86 meters to walk .

baldwin-street-4 Its maximum inclination is 19 degrees, and it seems as beast until we see pictures of houses built in Baldwin Street. The houses are built on level ground and almost seems to be lying face up. The photos do not do justice to the tremendous gap that some of the people of Dunedin suffer every day. I do not want to imagine what a car means jig on the rise. I think that compensates backtrack to the bottom of the slope opposite clutch running out.

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