The Stig shows us what the driving modes of the new Focus RS

it is less. Although since a few months we know the Ford Focus RS, it will not be up within a couple of months when the first customers begin to enjoy it. Prior to that time, the old The Stig from Top Gear, Ben Collins, teaches us what are the four modes of driving this little rocket.

Remember that the Focus RS will arrive to the Spanish market with a starting price of 40.260 euros. Under it hides a mechanically adjusted by the team of Motorsport from Ford, including an engine four-cylinder turbo 2.3-litre with up to 350 HP and 470 Nm of torque, combined with a change manual of six speeds.

there Will be four driving modes, as well explains to us the lord Collins: Normal, Sport, Track and Drift. The first two are designed and developed for everyday use, the Sport mode for that extra bit of spice in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day. For its part, the last two have been created for the Ford Focus will be able to develop their full potential in a circuit.

At each level of performance various parameters are regulated: traction, steering, engine, shock absorbers, exhaust and ESC. With them is achieved the maximum performance possible within the mode in which you move on, although, of course, is the most spectacular, no doubt, will be the mode drift. A video very clear picture of what the new Ford Focus RS will be able to do.


The mode drift regulates the all-wheel drive so that we can lose the rear more easily