The story of the manager who led General Motors to save the Corvette

Not all heroes wear layer, and have superpowers. Some are simply enthusiasts of the car who disobeyed the absurd orders of their superiors. This is the story of Russ McLean, the man who challenged him to the highest spheres of General Motors, that in the early 90’s, they wanted to get rid of your range to the Corvette. The reasons for this were purely economic, how do not. The icon of the american car was on the verge of disappear, had it not been for the courageous protagonist of this article.

In the eighties, General Motors was losing $ 1,000 for each C4 Corvettes that were manufactured.

Russ McLean had decades working as one of the managers of General Motors in the early 90’s. He was an economist born, a specialist in the reduction of costs. He worked in Mexico and in the plant of Opel in Figueruelas, which would have been carried out successful cost-saving measures, which improved the profitability of the factory. In the late 80’s and early 90’s the great General Motors was losing pots of money away, suffered from an organizational structure too large and I didn’t know how to get out of the economic crisis.

The corporation suffered constant reorganizations and personnel changes, which necessarily impacting on the performance of the operations. The high areas called Russ McLean to a meeting, in which he was ordered to reverse the losses of the Corvette range. For each C4 Corvette manufactured General Motors lost about $ 1,000. McLean isolated his team from the chaos that was the GM then, and little by little, reversed the losses and improved the quality of the car, which in its early years left much to be desired.

His superiors ordered him to stop the development of the fifth generation. He ignored the order.

it Was then when they approved the development of the C5 Corvette, so McLean set to work with his team. A change in the management team of General Motors in the mid 90’s, he was accompanied by a hard blow: the halting of the development of the C5 Corvette. The order of the command were allowed to die to the C4 Corvette, and without making much noise, let it build. For a enthusiast of the Corvette – the own McLean had two Corvette classics of the 60’s in his garage – this decision was absurd and stupid.

instead of doing what he was sent, he did what he believed right. said nothing to their team, which continued the development of the fifth generation of the Corvette. you Avoided your boss and the higher ups General Motors. It was quite an achievement that I could give a long as much time to their superiors. In 1996 introduced the fifth generation of the Corvette, which became a bestseller right away and until today has enjoyed a tremendous reputation. In spite of everything, paid the consequences of his challenge.

The C5 were one of the generations most successful and sold in the history of the Corvette.

General Motors considered that it was not a “team player”. In 1996 he drove the team’s Corvette and in 2001 he left the full company. We bought two Corvettes – one from 1958 and another from 1961 – retired to the family farm to take care of their parents, already elderly. Has not returned to work in the car industry since then. It was at the National Corvette Museum – during your ceremony-access to the Corvette Hall of Fame – when Russ McLean told this story before an audience of enthusiastic and surprised.

Only his wife knew that I was saving in secret to the Corvette and that General Motors had ordered his disappearance. After many years a stranger to General Motors, is encouraged to provide for the first time this gripping story in public. Today, the Corvette enjoy excellent health in the range of General Motors, and no one imagines their absence. Be grateful, then, to McLean, which does not appear in the oblivion 20 years ago.

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