The strange history of the Shelby Mustang GT500, 2010, auctioned with only 33 miles on the odometer

sometimes speculation does not work, my friends. Because it is difficult to classify otherwise ads like the one I show. An american acquired in 2010, a fantastic Mustang Shelby GT500, perhaps with the goal of selling it a few years later at a significant profit. This beautiful sport was put on sale with only 21 miles on its odometer, this is equivalent to about 33 km in Addition to have put in jeopardy its mechanics due to lack of use, its owner not enjoyed the spectacular performance of the muscle car.

It is not known why Ellingsen didn’t move the car in 6 years, but it is believed that he wanted to sell it at a higher price years later.

The story is without a doubt strange. The car was purchased by a such Gene Ellingsen in 2010. Instead of enrolling him or her, ordered the dealer to be delivered directly to your property, where the car was stored in a barn, it is assumed suitably protected. This fantastic muscle car is not returned to move the site, and ignores the reason. Perhaps its owner had the license removed, or thought to treat it as an instrument of accumulation of wealth. But sometimes, life does not take into account our plans.

subasta-shelby-gt500-nuevo-2Ellingsen passed away a few months ago, and his heirs, they discovered the car in his barn. The car was offered at auction and the bidding on eBay has ended few days ago with a sale price of 40.200 $ . A bargain for a car that in its time cost 48.175 dollars, taking into account that it is brand new, as came out of the dealership a few years ago. Your current seller has tried to exploit the story of the barn to get a greater benefit, but it doesn’t seem to have worked on this occasion, unfortunately for him.

Without a proper storage, 6 years without movement will not come well to any vehicle.

let’s See why. In the first place, we must recognize that the car is in a state of apparent impeccable. Presents No rust of any kind, and both your body as its interior presents a gorgeous look. Its mechanics is perhaps the darkest point. A motor 5.4 V8 supercharged by compressor, with a power of 540 HP and a maximum torque of truck: 690 Nm. A torrent of power, channelled to the rear axle and surrounded by a gear train reinforced. But a mechanical not used in more than half a decade may be seriously impaired.

subasta-shelby-gt500-nuevo-5If you have not taken the adequate precautions at the time of storage – emptying of fluids and protection of the engine – may be necessary repairs of importance, even going to require a complete disassembly of the impeller, replacement of the system of fuel supply, etc .. In summary, the tuning required is several thousands of euros, much more severe than a simple oil change, spark plugs and filters. And possibly the car develop any additional problems, the result of inactivity.

subasta-shelby-gt500-nuevo-3 And you? would you buy a Ford Mustang 6 years ago, completely “new”? it Is tempting, but taking into account the associated dangers – and who has not been a production car so limited – I would have thought twice. We hope at least that your buyer will enjoy it, and remove crusting on a good mountain road, or in a circuit. It is a car made to be driven hard, not to accumulate dust in a barn.

Source: Autoblog

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