The streak of victories for Nico Rosberg not worried about Lewis Hamilton


Photo: Daimler

Nico Rosberg is on a roll is something that can not be denied. The German pilot sum five consecutive victories after tax in the three last grands prix of last season (yes, when Lewis Hamilton had already certified its third title), and in the first two of the current. A state of form that, however, the british are not considered to be significant.

“Who has won the last five races is something that doesn’t concern me at all” has assured Hamilton, which does not consider relevant the victories of his team mate in the final stretch of the season 2015. “Five wins over two seasons mean nothing to me from a psychological point of view; they won consecutively in a same season, and in this only took two races, which are the ones that count, so I don’t consider the last five”.

Lewis Hamilton achieved the pole position in both Australia and Bahrain, but two bad outings, opened the door to Nico Rosberg to take the win in both races, and the German will arrive at the next Grand Prix of China with a 17 point advantage over his team-mate. Even so, the three-time confident that the bases are sitting for the situation to improve. “even Though we lost the first two races, I am optimistic for the foundation work that we have carried out my engineers and I; we have been working together for four years, the communication and the strength within the team have never been better , so I know everything will go well”.

“So when people ask me if I’m worried, answer, ” no”, added Hamilton. “We have achieved two poles and we’re going to get more: no weak points in our way of working and that is what gives me the hope that things will improve. It is a psychological game; rather, it is a battle, but at my age and with my experience, there are few things I can affect, because I feel more sure than I’ve ever been”.