The Subaru BRZ is a trained STI is closer than it seems

Subaru BRZ STIreleased in 2012, the only car with rear-wheel drive available in the range of Subaru, will have a faster version prepared by STI (Subaru Tecnica International). Although it has a renewal in design theme presented this year and is already available in the market, it is a good news for the model of the japanese brand, as some users were still missing a vehicle faster.

Since its introduction 5 years ago had always been rumored with a possible version Subaru BRZ STI to boost the car, and that is something that we will be able to see this year, specifically on the 8th of June.

Subaru BRZ STIIn the teaser presented by the japanese firm, one can infer, quite clearly, what we are trying to convey, because that is a photograph of the immense downforce of the new Subaru BRZ STI, in addition to logos with the emblem of Subaru Technical International.

“First we discuss about the manufacturing of a BRZ STI when we launch the car in 2012. We have received enough requests from customers interested in a more fast and powerful. In fact, this condition will satisfy the demands of our clients, as we are working on a faster version.” Said Atoshi Atake, chief international marketing of Subaru.

If you think that the solution could be a turbo, Atake ruled out that option in 2012, as he said: “we Want to maintain the spirit of the BRZ and a turbo would lose that philosophy. The turbo is for models like the WRX STI.”

Subaru BRZ STIinstead of incorporating a lot more power to the car, which will probably be presented with this STI will be a more agile, with a suspension and precise steering, and better cornering, something similar to the concept presented in Japan in 2015.

And this idea of the future Subaru BRZ STI is in contrast with the images that have been seen of the car, revealing a body more sporty and a large spoiler, as the one that showed Subaru in your teaser.

Source – Autoexpress

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