The Subaru Impreza Sedan Concept will be in the Hall of Los Angeles

The next Subaru Impreza sedan can be seen in the first official teaser. The image ahead of the prototype that in a few days but will have its debut at the Auto show in Los Angeles.

Subaru Impreza Sedan ConceptOrne of the surprises that Subaru prepares to bring in a few weeks Salon Automobile Los Angeles is a prototype of the next Impreza sedan. This conceptual work will then be known to the version hatchback during the past Auto show in Tokyo that took place last month.

The sedan will share stylistic traits with the model of the five-door and for the little that can be seen in the first photograph taken forward by Subaru, the sedan will have a roof with a steep fall at the height of the c-pillar, with a look almost of a fastback.

the rest of the body looks quite similar to the model of five-door, so it is expected that the prototype has a look quite close to its production version. This new Impreza will be a global product that will be marketed in Europe, Asia and in the united States and its arrival to the market, which will take place towards the end of next year, will mean in addition to the debut of the new global platform Subaru so-called ‘Global Platform’.

in Addition, it is believed that the brand is also developing a new generation of engines boxer that will debut alongside the next Impreza, which will benefit from technologies such as direct injection of fuel and deactivating activated cylinders to improve fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. The details we’ll know in Los Angeles from November 17.