The Subaru Levorg of 300 horses that we would like to see in Europe

While I enjoyed the Subaru Levorg in Norway, a pleasant experience that has helped us to get to know the entire range Subaru and you have explained in the article “Squeezing to fund the total traction of Subaru: snow, lots of snow and the whole of the range Subaru, the XV to the WRX STI”, I was wondering if a sports version of the Subaru Levorg would make sense. More power, with a new part cycle and grooming a design that already looks a bit sporty. Perusing in the market for japanese (and recalling the data published in its release) I found the answer.

This Subaru Levorg of 300 horsepower and all-wheel drive could well face up to models like the Volkswagen Golf R or Audi S3:

In the local market Subaru offers the possibility of hitting a Subaru Levorg of 300 horses and 400 Nm of torque), a version that could well be the beginning of a version STI.

This option comes animated by a block boxer shorts 4 cylinders and 2 liters of cubicaje, supercharged and accompanied by a automatic transmission, a gearbox Lineartronic, well, okay, yes we would prefer to replace by a manual change, but that at least has been properly tuned for the occasion to offer a tare more sporty.

Jobs at ask miss a detail aesthetic more sporty, specific to this version, as we miss the above-mentioned manual transmission. A new front splitter, side skirts, a spoiler topping off the tailgate of his trunk, and of course a tune more radical with the suspension lowered, brakes signed by Brembo…

But no, this alternative does not wears the badge of Subaru Tecnica International, and even worse, does not come to this side of the world, recalling that, in Spain, the Subaru Levorg is available with a mechanical gasoline-170-horsepower, with all-wheel drive, automatic and a price starting 29.900 euros.