The Subaru WRX STI is off in 2019, and does so with more power

2019 it will be a year bittersweet for the burned cars, as it is the year that Subaru has chosen for you the WRX STI abandon (temporarily) the market. The increasingly stringent regulations, anti-pollution have forced the japanese constructor to make this decision, because the mechanics that animates the model does not surpasses it. However, to encourage the sales of the model in this crucial time, there could be a slight increase in power.

As we know, in the coming year it is expected that the power of the block 2.5 litres in configuration boxer is enhanced. Currently delivery 300 HP, but as it stands the market, with rivals general practitioners who far exceed this figure, the engineers at Subaru have decided to press a little your engine. The increase is not exponential, as it has encryption in a few 10 HP, but is sure that the fine tuning of other mechanical elements do the rest.

torque should be kept at the same levels as in the present, that is to say 407 Nm. Where yes that might be a surprise is the addition of a version access equipped with the same block 2.5 litres boxer to deliver a power of 268 CV. In any case, the gearbox will continue to be cutting with manual six relations without the possibility of opt for any type auto.

By now, is all that Subaru can offer us, as the new generation of the WRX STI will not come to market until the year 2020. Unlike the current, will be developed on the modern and modular Global Platform for the brand, allowing you to reduce weight and improve center of gravity. In addition, you may have a mechanical-assisted micro hybridization, in order to reduce the fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

need to be attentive to the news arriving from the signature of the constellation of Taurus, as your future promises.

Source – Auto Express

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