The success of the Ford GT in a single figure: more than 6,500 complete orders in a month


Ford has received more than 6,500 applications for the purchase of the new GT

The Ford GT was conceived from the beginning of his development as a legendary sports for the blue oval to the height of their predecessors, and thus will be seen the latest developments. After most of 10,800 people to show interest in acquiring the new Ford GT, the manufacturer has received 6.506 applications firm in only a month to purchase the supercar. Telling others that more than 200,000 fans have configured the depoertivo of their dreams during that same time.

these Are some stark numbers taking into account that the limited production of the vehicle will only provide 500 units during its first two years of commercial life. Not to mention that its price is still unknown, about $ 400,000.

The struggle to get one of those first 500 units have been made during the past six days shooting the amount of applications of the purchase, both that total between them 32% of the total. Remember that aspiring future owners of the new Ford GT had to pass a comprehensive examination, many of them have opted for trying to get attention by sending a video about its history, passion for the vehicle and why they are the ideal customer. Anything to increase their chances.


The supercar american equipped with a propusor V6+ EcoBoost more than 600 HP

6.506 aspiring firm to only 500 units

For the moment, Ford has accepted the 6.506 applications but will perform a meticulous review process of the same. During the next 90 days they will be notifying potential buyers. The dream of more than one owner can be re-reality in the following three months.

Recall that the Ford GT is a unique vehicle with a name of legend. The third generation carries with it the highest technology as its bodywork in carbon fiber, aluminum chassis, and a windscreen with glass Gorilla Glass, as the latest smartphones, and a powerful and efficient powertrain 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost with more than 600 HP output.