The successor of the BMW 6 Series Coupe reveals more details in their prototypes


These new photos suggest a size very similar to the Series 6 current.

Our photographers have had the chance to re-engage the mule tests the successor to the Series 6 current, a model that BMW is already in development. In this new series of spy photos, we have had the opportunity of studying the prototypes from new perspectives, and if before we were intrigued by the nature of this new model, and above all, the positioning that the brand of Munich thought to give, now we have even more unanswered questions.

If we ignore the reports and reports that have appeared in the last year, before the end of this decade we should see the birth of two new models that would occupy the hole that it would leave the line variants of the 6 Series.

on the one hand, it would appear to a new coupe of smaller size that the 6 Series current, that would take liza to the direct sports from the likes of the Porsche 911 or Mercedes AMG GT. This model would clearly be positioned above the Series 4 current, although a step below the 6 Series which is intended to replace.


Line of the roof more sloping, and rear window more horizontal.

In the same way, BMW could revive the teaches Series 8 with the creation of a coupe larger size the sports previously mentioned, that he would be born as a rival to the S-Class coupe, a model that has never had an adequate response on the part of BMW.

The prototype illustrated in the images appears to be of a size slightly smaller than the 6 Series current, although in reality we should talk about proportions. While to the naked eye appears to be smaller, have a look in depth reveals that it is not so different from the Series 6 current, but there are certain dimensions that are clearly smaller in this mule.

In the photography comparative lower, if we assume that both images have the same scale, it will be appreciated that, in spite of share most of the proportions, the distance from the lowest area of the franchise of the door until the rear wheel arch is a bit lower than in the case of the prototype camouflaged. Although this could simply be due to a door of larger size or drawn with other forms.


Dimensions are very similar with slight differences.

In the same way, the battle seems to be somewhat higher in the prototype, although to have the wheel slightly turned, we cannot assure one hundred percent. The differences between their silhouettes are clear, the new model has a fall-of-roof-steeper and a line of waist high and oblique, giving more prominence to the rear area.

so that we can extract from these images we are faced with a future 6-Series coupe is very similar to the current, a true Gran Turismo with a length that will be between the 4.8 or 4.9 meters, which seems to share space at the dealership with, eventually, the future 8 Series two-door, that would be around little more than 5 meters of the S-Class coupe.

confirmed suggesting this prototype, the reports that announced the arrival of a new coupe, smaller in size and weight to stand up to the 911 of Porsche, could be pointing in the wrong direction.


The future Gran Turismo BMW.

As we already know, in just two years, we will see the birth of the replacement of the Z4, a model which until now had competed with the Mercedes SLK, or Porsche Boxster, but that in its next generation will grow in size, receiving the designation Z5 and which is being developed jointly by BMW and Toyota. This joint venture will be born the future Above and the Z5. The first to arrive will be the Z5 roadster, which we have already hunted several times during their testing, and about a year later will be presented the variant coupé of the new Z5.

This model would have as an object to compete against the AMG GT, and therefore, would be already in the orbit of the Porsche 911, making unnecessary a second model, derivative and substitute in the 6-Series current to carry out this work.