The successor to the LaFerrari has already begun to take shape

it Seems only yesterday but it has now been over 3 years since Ferrari launched the LaFerrari, the successor to the Ferrari Enzo, the Ferrari F50, the F40… a release that is framed in a new hybrid era for supercars maridada with the presence of the Porsche 918 Spyder and the McLaren P1 but… did you know that they are already working on the next supercar from Maranello?

For now we only know that their platform will be lighter:

According to reports from Automotive News Ferrari would already be working hand-in-hand Altair to produce the platform that will give life to the next star products of the Italian brand. Yes, in the plural.

according To Altair this new platform will not only give life to a single flagship, but will serve as the basis for several models located at the top of the range Ferrari.

As you can imagine are still few data on this new generation of products but yes it has been pointed out already that this new platform will be 15% lighter than the outgoing, while also reducing vibrations and noise among other improvements.

What you will have prepared Ferrari for its next generation of supercars?How advanced will be the hybrid technology then? are Still too many questions about it and as you can imagine are waiting for us, from now on, years of speculation, official statements with the eyedropper and rumors about it.