The successor to the Maserati MC12 could be a reality, although in the long term

Maserati MC12

Maserati would be considering to launch a successor to the iconic MC12.

Although it is not the first time that we speculate with the possibility that Maserati re-entering a niche market as elitist as it did in his day with the Maserati MC12, an authorized voice of the company “trident”, Harald Wester, current CEO of Maserati), has left the door open to the launch of a kind successor to the Maserati MC12. Although, this would take place in the long term.

While Harald Wester completes its stage at the front of Maserati, has left us as a particular “parting gift” these interesting statements. And is that, as we say, Wester has pointed out that Maserati would be the fact releasing to the market a successor to the Maserati MC12. Or at least, a new model that takes up the place you left this supercar.

In any case, the idea of Maserati is able to retell in their range with a product with a print run of a very limited production. Recall that the Maserati MC12 is only produced 60 units, and some of them have not been put on sale. All of the units that were sold did so few customers that the brand had selected prior to.

Maserati MC12

The hypothetical successor of Maserati MC12 would have a very limited production.

And now that we’re in the Maserati MC12. If you don’t know this beast with over 600 HP, it is interesting to note some interesting aspects about the same. Its design was devised at the stage where Maserati was owned by Ferrari. Occurred between the years 2004 and 2005, its chassis was based on the Ferrari Enzo. And the same thing happened with your engine. In their guts, roars a engine V12 6.0-liter with 621 HP and 652 Nm maximum torque associated with a gearbox semi-automatic six-speed that sends power to the rear axle.

despite the fact that there is not wished to enter much into detail, Harald Wester, has made it clear that Maserati would have to be “prepared” to take on a project of these characteristics. Of all ways and as we said at the beginning of the article, the idea of creating a successor to the Maserati MC12 would be a long-term project. By the time the Italian brand has other priorities.

One of them is to launch to the market the successor of the Maserati GranTurismo. A model that was presented at the Geneva motor show of 2007 and that, according to Harald Wester, you should receive your replacement when you meet a decade. That is to say, the next year, 2017. In addition, he took the opportunity to slip the idea that the Maserati GranCabrio may not have a successor due to the low demand for the model has the currently.