The summer I fell surrendered to the personal assistant of BMW

This summer I have spent a long time behind the wheel of a number of BMW new bill. He has accompanied the BMW M3 a BMW M4 Convertible a BMW Series 2 Grand Tourer … all equipped with the Service “ Personal Assistant “, “Concierge Service” call on the mark. An extra that initially considered unnecessary and ultimately …

Where a service technology and service combine classic

The service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and no additional fees beyond the initial payment to buy extra.

circulating months ago with BMW M4 , accompanied by a team member of BMW Spain when the search for an address in the browser we stumbled upon the farm in question is not He appeared. We had no idea of ​​its location, only a slight approach to the town where it was located … and this is how a “will test the system of personal assistant” discovered firsthand the benefits of this service.

A fast moving between menus in our BMW M4 and a few seconds later, as the connection is established, we were under the care of a call center of BMW that, computer front, quickly sought the location of our destiny and sent us directly to our browser , fixing the final destination instantly.

During the following weeks, with two productions two photo sessions with BMW M4 Convertible and BMW Series 2 Grand Tourer as protagonists is where this function finally convinced me.


If a service “is there” but I never used to use it daily Sending directions without manually entering the destination, something really useful if we are driving; restaurants, ATMs of our bank, stores or malls ; search stations X company, ideal for only those where we have loyalty card …

On all occasions with different operators, I always found an excellent deal and prompt attention, a truly premium experience that I believe perfectly is aunaba a service of classic care personalized, correct forms, efficient service with technological factor to have a car perfectly connected, located by the brand and the possibility of remotely send addresses to your browser.

Any hits? Honestly I have not found … but of course, it is not a service standard.


But … how does this service cost?

A premium service with true technology for a classic attention.

The price of this service varies depending on the model. For example in BMW Series 2 Grand Tourer is priced at 700 euros, 830 euros in BMW 5 Series or about 900 euros in BMW M4 .

Best of all is that beyond this initial payment, since the release of this extra no additional charge, there is no fee or surcharge to use .

In video, so does the personal assistant of BMW

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