The supercargadores Tesla will no longer be free for new customers 2017

Tesla Model S usando un Supercargador

The superchargers of Tesla will no longer be free for new customers of the company.

a while Ago we discussed in that it had detected an improper use of the superchargers of Tesla Motors in the united States. Many owners of a Tesla Model S were doing a appropriate use of these supercargadores which, remember, are free of charge for owners of a Tesla Model S or a Tesla Model X. In the case of the future Tesla Model 3, series “” the new electric car from Tesla will not bring up the possibility of “refuel” for free in these supercargadores.

A change that now Tesla Motors extends to the entire range. Although with nuances. From 1 January 2017, the new customers who purchase a model of Tesla will not have free access to the network of supercargadores. Although the manufacturer of electric cars encouraged through your blog to wait at the end of the year to get to know all the details about the change in his program of use of their supercargadores, it seems that they ended the unlimited access and free of charge. Yes, for new customers.

what, Then, will be free to recharge the batteries of a Tesla on the superchargers of the company? Yes. The idea that has the company led by Elon Musk is that of offer a kind of “bonus” with the that allow new customers who purchase any of the vehicles of the range (it remains to be seen if the Tesla Model 3) and with that power recharge up to 400 kWh over a whole year free. With this we get a range of 1.610 kilometers.

Tesla Superchargers

those Who buy a Tesla from 1 January 2017 will not have free access to the supercargadores.

┬┐And once consumed these 400 kWh? now where, for the moment, doubts. Tesla Motors talks of a “small fee” that will increase depending on the use we make of the supercargadores. In any case, and to avoid that they start to rain down the criticism, the company of electric vehicles already makes it clear that will continue to be an amount minimally smaller than the cost of refueling a vehicle of gasoline or diesel.

┬┐Seeks to limit Tesla to the access of the superchargers to specific moments or long trips? Because, if it eventually implements this measure which gives us an insight of the own brand, we can say that this is so. The possibility of having 1,600 km of autonomy free should be more than sufficient (according to Tesla) to make a long trip in summer periods or at Christmas. The rest of the year and for the trips that we do on a daily basis like go to work or do the shopping, it should be sufficient to recharge the batteries of the car at home if you do not want to pay for their use.

current owners of a Tesla will not have any limitation. So you can continue to use as until now the whole network of supercargadores of way 100% free. Again it should be noted that this change in the policy of use of the superchargers of Tesla will only affect new customers of the company to make their orders from the 1 January 2017.