The surprise of BMW for its 100-year anniversary rests in this teaser

BMW 100 aniversario teaserSkill will be a historical day for the BMW, since the bavarian manufacturer will comply 100 years. As it could not be of another way, BMW will take the opportunity to show a new model, we do not know whether a prototype or a production model, with which to celebrate by everything high this figure. A teaser we anticipate the silhouette of the headlights and the grill without revealing much of anything.

What is certain is that the car that will celebrate the 100th anniversary of BMW will be a model electric BMW i. The brand is making a big bet for their division i, in addition to that in the teaser we can see the look of LED is similar to that of the i8 and the frames of the kidneys are blue, without having openings in its interior, since the cooling needs of the electric models are much less demanding and grills are blind.

BMW i8 faros láser

we All remember the battle between BMW and Audi launched the first car with headlights laser on the market

The brand will celebrate its anniversary with the slogan ‘The Next 100 Years’ (the next 100 years) from where we can deduce that this new model of BMW i will be a technology deployment that will incorporate the technologies that will mark the future of BMW. Not the next century, but the next few years.

BMW strengthens those rumors with his words, to say that during the long history of the brand, BMW has shown a brand-versatile and future-oriented, making use of diverse innovations to adapt to the new times. Example of this are the application of technologies such as the xenon headlights, the latest laser, technology assisted parking from outside the vehicle or the injection of water into the engine, being BMW’s first brand to incorporate these and many other technologies in the cars of serial production.