The surprises do not end with the Mustang 2018: will we See tomorrow the new Shelby GT500?


Teaser of the new Shelby Mustang.

The presentation yesterday of the Ford Mustang was less of a surprise that his absence in the first days of the Detroit motor show. If we read regularly you’ll know that we’ve devoted a few lines to the Mustang as the Corvette by not being present in the early days of the press event, that does not close its doors until the next day, January 22, so in theory, Ford could say that what has been revealed in Detroit 2017.

the announcement of The new Mustang Shelby was the first hint that we had that Ford might be playing the slip. A new Shelby before it was launched, precisely the Mustang 2018 not seemed plausible, although it is still not clear our doubts, because we don’t know for sure that it will present Shelby in Arizona.

The appointment is for tomorrow Thursday day 19 of January. Shelby American to unveil a new model at the facilities of Ford Performance in the facilities of Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona, where for three days it is celebrating the macro event of auction of this last.


Ford Mustang GT 2018.

Everything indicates that tomorrow we will see the new Shelby GT500 and if days ago we wondered about what model Mustang it would be, 2015 or 2018, for the moment we can only speculate.

In theory we should see the variant over the wild new Mustang 2018, with a new finish, more aggressive, composed by a nose more sporty, with larger air intakes and a bonnet more bulky, again with the usual air inlets of the GT500 Super Snake and that in the teaser of Shelby already sensed. Your body will be conveniently anabolizada, not in vain it is speculated a power over 700 horses.

All the rumors point to a new version of the V8 Voodoo that employs the GT350. Of 5.2 liters, this account with a crankshaft plane, and eroga about 530 HP. However, for the GT500 this would be taken over and the name V8 Predator, delivering a figure over 700 horses. There are other theories, such as the resurrection of the V8 Trinity 5.8-liter supercharger used in the previous GT500, however, until tomorrow we will leave doubts.