The suspension of our cars (IV) Suspension smart

One of the limitations in conventional suspensions and hidroneumáticas is that there is a a certain incompatibility between comfort and driving safety; that is to say, when a vehicle is designed to be very safe in which to suspensions, the suspension is very hard and uncomfortable, however, if it is designed with a suspension relatively soft, it will be very comfortable but they lean too much on curves, hard braking, and it will take a relatively long time to absorb the oscillations of the elastic elements. For example, a vehicle of competition is very secure and stable in place, but little comfortable. Therefore, the manufacturers when they design suspensions conventional or hidroneumáticas in their vehicles looking for a solution of compromise between safety and comfort.

suspensions smart offer a solution to these limitations by varying the tare of the suspensions in function of the running conditions, acting in the case of suspensions, conventional shock absorbers and, in the case of suspensions hidroneumáticas, aborting a third area located on each axis.

The smart sleep is to be provided with a switchboard, which receives data from various sensors. These sensors vary with respect to the different existing models on the market, but can serve as a reference for the following:


  • -Inclination of the body
  • -vehicle Speed
  • -throttle Position
  • -Speed inserted by user
  • -Pressure braking
  • -Angle of rotation of the steering wheel
  • -Speed of rotation of the steering wheel

In function of the information received by the pbx, it sends a signal to a solenoid carrying hosted the shocks or the hydraulic circuit (in the case of a hydropneumatic suspension) for which the suspension is put in a position sport or comfortable.

The change of position of the suspension is performed by modifying the route of the oil in the case of the shock and nullifying part of the route of the hydraulic fluid in the case of suspensions hidroneumáticas. With this type of suspensions get a good behavior of the vehicle in terms of safety and level of comfort.


Porsche has the suspension systems smart more advanced