The SUV based on the Nissan Navara will arrive in 2018 and these are his first pictures

Arise on the internet the first images of the new SUV based on the Nissan Navara, an off-road vehicle that could retrieve the name Nissan Xterra.

Orne of the novelties that Nissan prepares to take to the next Car show in Beijing 2018 that will take place in the month of April is a new suv developed on the basis of the Nissan Navara.

But as usually happens in these cases, the first images of this new crossover japanese were leaked on the internet. Although the photographs are of poor quality, allow us to appreciate the format that it will adopt the new suv that will likely be offered in versions of five and seven squares.

With respect to its exterior design, the front has some changes compared to the Navara, which include a few new lighthouses, in addition to a grill of a new format and a few bumper redesigned.

To the side there are virtually no differences, beyond the back, where the design takes a different path. In terms of lagging behind, judging by the first picture, the new volume is integrated in the form not-so-harmonious as occurs in other models of the brand, which have been originally conceived of as SUVs.

Nissan has not revealed details yet about this new model, which possibly retrieve the name Xterra or Paladin according to the markets, as was the case with the off-road based on the previous generation of the Navara.

For the moment we do not know which will be your offer of engines, but we believe that it will have the same drivers that are offered on the Navara. Surely the initial offering will include versions equipped with manual or automatic transmission, as well as four wheel drive in the levels of termination higher.

Surely over the next few months we will know more information about this new suv of the japanese firm, which is expected to reach the market in 2018, in Asia and the Middle East under the name Paladin and in the Americas and other regions under the name Xterra.