The SUV electric Mercedes, the anti Tesla Model X europe, could arrive before 2017

it Seems that Mercedes may be willing to stand up to Tesla with a SUV totally electric, a rival for the Tesla Model X, an idea which, as we recall, we had also heard of Audi, but did you know that this SUV from Mercedes could already be with us before the end of the year?

Since Coach is to warn us of possible arrival on the occasion of the next Paris although not, yet we would not be before the production model, but before a first attempt at a concept before the arrival to the streets, presumably scheduled for 2019, in the final model.

This first model, this SUV electric, it would be the first step in the German firm in the implementation of a range of models, all-electric that would have continuity with a saloon, a rival to the Tesla Model S.

it is Still early to know technical details about these possible models, its autonomy, power… but yes it speaks of a stylistic change for this range of electrical products. How will the european firms catch up with Tesla in the development and marketing of products completely electrical?What you will slow down the unstoppable advance of Elon Musk?