The SUV of Alpine, a todocamino inspired by the Mercedes GLA, but of what three doors?

barely been a few days since Alpine unveiled finally your A110. It comes from the revival of the brand, the return of a company that created vehicles only for the driver to enjoy the driving pleasure. Well, we know that the firm does not intend to stay there, and to make more attractive your range want to conquer new horizons. The next model will be a SUV, a car inspired by the Mercedes GLA, but with a three-door body.

apparently the new SUV of Alpine will have a lot to do with the Mercedes GLA. This model will catch various ideas, drawing inspiration from certain sections. Also it is believed that the sporting focus this car will take the brand to create a three-door body, a configuration, powerfully sport that will attract the customers more passionate.

Although it may seem otherwise, it is known that Alpine is at an advanced stage in the development of the new todocamino. If anything goes wrong, they could present this new todocamino in 2018. Months later, would come to the market with the sporty, which has recently been presented, the Alpine A110.

On your mechanical little is known. Many claim that mount an hybrid system that will transmit its force to the asphalt by means of an effective awd. This news seems to us curious, as we know that Nissan might change the plans of your 370Z and stop of production, to the production of a todocamino hybrid approach similarly sporty.

Source – Carscoops