The SUV that we can buy for less than € 25,000 (Part II)

25.000 euros is an average budget to buy a new car. The market is fraught with possible alternatives, compacts, sedans, suvs…but among all of them the SUV’s are the branch that grows. Within this sector we can find multiple variations in terms of size, versatility and form. Here is the second part of the list of the SUV that you can buy for under 25,000 euros.


Ford Kuga

Peugeot 3008 (From 17.640 eur)

we Begin this second part with a frenchman, the older brother of 2008 we talked about yesterday. The Peugeot 3008 was introduced on the market more than six years ago. Since then we have not contemplated major changes in its design, but Peugeot has been established a mechanical best. In fact is the only one on this list that has the possibility of integrating a diesel technology hybrid. Soon we’ll see a new generation that has already been seen in the testing phase.

Ford Escape (From 17.990 euros)

We are one of the most long-lived of the segment. A lot, but that much time is it taking Ford to upgrade to its big SUV. Although this year Ford has launched the Edge, and the Kuga will soon be updated. A change of design will be accompanied by a renewal full mechanical. A necessary exercise for the Kuga, produced in spain, and again to be one of the alternatives more sold of the segment.

Subaru XV (From 19.300 euros)

Although many do not take my Subaru as a manufacturer of SUVS, the truth is that their saloon car range should receive such honors. The Subaru XV will not be that high line and typical for the segment, but the truth is that knows how to combine like no other the practicality of an SUV with the capabilities of real off-piste of off-road. Versions of 4×4 are really capable for the field. The next year is expected an update.


Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson (From 18.900 euros)

Hyundai never ceases to amaze us with their jumps in quality. Nothing remains of that mark poor and of low quality. Today you get to create models extremely attractive for a blow out price. The Hyundai Tucson is a good example of this, and arrives to replace the ix35 with arguments of weight, such as the design, refinement, behavior, and of course the price. A lot is what you get if you compare it with other rivals.

Honda HR-V (From 19.200 euros)

After nine years of absence, Honda has returned to the segment of compact SUVS. The Honda HR-V comes to life as the Phoenix, with a style that is very improved and a behavior very quiet. Is one of the alternatives more new in the market, and the most beautiful, needless to say, . The first units are already circulating in our streets and is one of those alternatives that you should not stop looking.

MINI Countryman (From 19.750 eur)

we Arrived at the first and only SUV of the premium range. We all know MINI, its small and cutting-edge utilities are referred to as objects of worship. But there is life beyond that segment, and the MINI Countryman demonstrates this well. Well it is true that this is the starting price, but we must know that if we choose to incorporate many optional items, the price shoots up. Even so the alternative more luxurious, there are in this list.


Renault Kadjar

Jeep Renegade (Since by 19,900 euros)

The market commands, and the alliance of GM with Fiat group, has allowed the creation of new models for Jeep. Designed in the united States, but made in Italy, the Jeep Renegade is the first creation purely SUV of the american brand. But do not believe that it has lost its original DNA, because there are also variants highly capable for off-road use. A breath of fresh air made in the USA.

Renault Kadjar (From 20.250€)

If something was missing to Renault lately was a large SUV, and to meet the needs of that spectrum has been born, the Renault Kadjar. This year has been its launch and the first units are already treading the roads of our country. Its great design and its large space is presented as the great pillars of your marketing, although we can not forget the engines typical of the brand

Mazda CX-3 (From 20.345 euros)

If in the above case there was no more space, in the case of Mazda too much. The SUV smaller ones have a lot of pull to the urban areas, and to this end has recently come to the Mazda CX-3. It is one of the most beautiful in its segment, and although the space isn’t that about the truth is that your livability and your behavior seem to me ideal for the day-to-day. In addition, as usual, comes full of technology from its lowest level.


Mazda CX-3

Volkswagen Tiguan (From 21.200 euros)

Fit to say that the Tiguan is one of the biggest rulers of the segment, although in this case we are talking about the old model. The Volkswagen Tiguan has been renewed just a few months ago, and it will still take a couple more coming to the market. But if what we want is a good SUV, here’s one. It is not the most modern, what we know, but to be on the verge of extinction this generation we can find great chollos in the market.

Opel Antara (From 22.200 euros)

The Opel Antara takes on the market since the year 2006, and since 2010 doesn’t change its design. This forces one to say that we are before a model quite late with respect to the competition, but it is a lot of car for that price. Is the SUV largest of Opel in the present, and though its continuation is not confirmed, it is one of the alternatives on the market. One of the few with a capacity for seven passengers.

Nissan X-Trail (From 23.900 euros)

And once more we return to Nissan. It is the brand that most models have this list, and is that its three units SUVS start below 25,000 euros. By this we are not surprised that they are the rivals to beat. Among them all, the Nissan X-Trail is the largest we can find. It is true that has become more and more bourgeois over the years, but one should not underestimate in terms of off-road capabilities. One of the most complete of the segment.


Nissan X-Trail

Toyota RAV4 (From 24.090€)

again, we refer to a model that is disappearing. Toyota has decided that this year was the turn of update to their unique SUV, with the exception of the Land Cruiser. The Toyota RAV4 is not the newest, but it’s still showing capabilities are more than enough to get by in this maelstrom of crossover. Like the Tiguan the latest units will soon be sold, so offers will abound.

Mitsubishi Outlander (From 24.395€)

we have Just the list with one of the most recent models of all, the Mitsubishi Outlander. The generation before us loved, and nothing makes us doubt that this will be better. Many forget Mitsubishi when speaking of SUV, but the truth is that they are quite skilled at the time of manufacture of these units. The new Otulander account with the virtues of its predecessor, but it has also been reinforced with new technologies and better design.

Now, after seeing the whole list, which of them you stay? To taste the colors, there is always one that suits our needs, now I just need to scratch the pocket and buy the one we like. For having there are many.