The SUV will bet MG, Great Wall and qoros to conquer Europe

Several Chinese or capital of that country, SUV brands are committed to achieving the elusive conquer European market. MG, Great Wall, qoros and Borgward reborn launch an SUV in Europe in the coming months.


2015_MG-GTS_01 L he Chinese automakers expect to achieve compliance with its sales ambitions in Europe thanks to the SUV, a segment which is currently booming in the region.

Borgward and MG are two brands of Chinese capital, which prepare to launch their SUV in Europe more quickly, in an attempt to achieve attract customers at other times rejected the Chinese products because of their low quality. At the same time, Great Wall the largest manufacturer of SUVs in China, has reorganized production at its plant in Bulgaria to focus on the production of such vehicles.

Sales of Chinese brands in Europe have remained low ever since ten years ago ja, in the Frankfurt Motor Show 2005, Geely Automobile announced its plans for the European market. Meanwhile MG Motor , now owned by the Chinese SAIC sold last year just 2,328 units in the UK MG , currently the only European market in which they operate today.


The SUV are the great Chinese commitment to try to finally conquer Europe.

In an attempt to mend this situation, MG Motor launched next year in the UK to MG GS, a compact SUV introduced last year and which will add to the current MG3 hatchback and MG6 sedan. This new SUV could also be the commitment to achieve reach markets in continental Europe .

Meanwhile, Great Wall has the H6 SUV built in Bulgaria to try to improve its sales in Europe. Currently sales are not much better than GM, since last year managed to place only 800 units in Bulgaria and 518 in Italy , plus a few more in Serbia and Romania.

It is also qoros, mark Sino-Israeli origin, pointing to the European market with Quoros3 City SUV, after the failure of hatchback qoros 3 in Slovakia market which was chosen to test the behavior of the European public, but stopped the market due to its poor sales.

who may have it easier than Borgward a legendary German brand that revived thanks to the support of the Chinese truck manufacturer Beiqi Foton and that next year will hit the market with BX7 SUV, presented the last week at the Frankfurt Motor Show

will succeed this time? do not know, but certainly choose an SUV is a good move considering current market preferences . Only time will tell whether the decision was correct.



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