The Suzuki Ignis will arrive to Europe in January of next year

Suzuki Igniswe All are familiar with the new Suzuki Ignis. His first presentation was held in the past Living in Tokyo and hence the japanese firm gave us a pleasant surprise. In him, mark told us that this small urban SUV was prepared to land on the european market at any time. Well, that time has now arrived, and after its official presentation in european lands at the Paris Salon as we know more data when we have it rolling down our roads in the community.

The model that comes to our continent will not have variations significant in design with regard to that already sold in Japan and it will be very similar to the prototype iM-4 Concept. The main difference lies in a size a little bigger due to the inclusion of a new bumper is more bulky to comply with the rules of safety and protection to the pedestrian in case of collision.

Suzuki Ignis 2016Suzuki still does not give details specific to the Spanish market. We do not know the lines of equipment you take or the prices at which it may purchase. However if it has been announced that its sales in Europe will begin in January of 2017. Once the model reaches our continent is more than likely that the official dealer in Spain begin to accept orders within a few days of arriving.

in Addition to this small model will bring a pleasant surprise. In their range, mechanical will the little engine particular SHV (s) with a 1.2-liter engine that makes 90 hp and 120 Nm of torque. This composite propellant will delight those looking for a small model to navigate through the cities as it provides consumption very tight and is exempt from paying certain taxes.

With this composite propellant consumption stands at 4.3 liters hundred kilometres. In addition to their benefits are more than correct for the size and approach that is aimed at the car. acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometres an hour is about 12 seconds and mark a maximum speed of between 165 to 170 kilometres an hour. In addition to this mechanical the brand also will incorporate the same version of SHV but without hybridization. The power and torque of the engine is the same but its consumption increases from 4.3 to 4.6 liters

With both mechanical will be able to assemble traction to one or two axes. In addition, for the version without hybridization and traction to the front axle of the customers who wish to may opt, as an option, a automatic gearbox.

we Hope that the brand confirm sooner than later the main data of this little urbanite. We would also like to know if the mark would be thinking in a version more spicy, since this model with the new 1.0-litre petrol BoosterJet of 111 cv has to go like a shot.

Source – Suzuki