The Suzuki Jimny is the off-road cheaper and pure market, but it is well worth your purchase?

just a few hours I published an article about the new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, a advanced SUV extensive off-road capabilities, loaded with amenities such as air suspension or a gearbox reduction gear. A good machine, the price of which clearly exceed $ 45,000 in the united States. I have started to think about the Spanish market, and I’ve come to realize that it is not necessary to spend or even 15,000 euros to have in the garage for a off-road as much as or more capable. Is called Suzuki Jimny.

why is the Suzuki Jimny, a car so special?

Leads to the sale in Spain, from the distant year of 1998, with little changes, and resist dying.

The Suzuki Jimny is one of the cars more veterans of our market. Leads on sale since the year 1998, with slight changes that have not modified your engine and some details of equipment. I sincerely believe that is the all-rounder more pure and cheaper in the market currently. It is a pure question of simplicity: although the Jeep Wrangler or Mercedes G-Class may be more capable and technological, are much more expensive and heavier than this Jimny. The successor of the Samurai is lightweight, reliable, with wide range of customization options and cheap.

suzuki-jimny-2016-6Before you break down your range, why is the Jimny special? To begin with, your platform is the one that should have an off-road vehicle: a robust chassis rails and rails. Despite the fact that it only measures 3.54 metres in length-in Japan it is sold as a Kei Car – carries a all-wheel drive system connectable with gearbox gearbox of five relationships. The Suzuki Jimny is only available with a block M13A, a petrol aspirated 1.3 liters of displacement, whose maximum power is a modest 85 HP at 6,000 rpm.

His biggest off-road are leaders in the market, benefited by the short overhangs and short distance between shafts.

Located at position front, longitudinal, moving only the back train when we disconnected the traction integral. Is a slow car and tragón despite the fact that its weight is 1.060 kg: accelerates up to 100 km/h in 14,1 seconds, its tip is 140 km/h and approvals 7,1 l/100 km But if you are buying a Suzuki Jimny for their performance or consumption, you’re backing the wrong car. Shines out of the asphalt, where its height minimum ground clearance of 19 centimetres is allied with a few angles off-road leaders in the market.

suzuki-jimny-2016-10Your attack angle is 34°, while the angle of departure is 31st. Impresses much more an angle ventral to nothing less than 46 degrees, with which does not have any problem in overcoming huge inclines and navigate between rocks. what I Had mentioned that both his front axle and rear are rigid? The Jimny is a favorite with fleets, companies of civil engineering and a favorite of many off-roaders: a huge community of fans – that dates back to the Samurai – respects and appreciates this small, off-road tires.

In Spain, were sold 578 Jimny in 2015, the greater part of them imagine that for fleets.

Aesthetically a car right, with a point nearly exotic, and a design that has not gone out of fashion. Updates of Suzuki have been subtle but correct. However, it is not all roses: as mentioned above, a car is very small, has four spaces, and its 113 litres of luggage space are simply laughable. In terms of safety, it has ABS, ESP and two front airbags – or even came to subdue the EuroNCAP tests. Despite all, it is important to remember its very competitive price.

suzuki-jimny-2016-1Boots in 13.695 € , even without having option to discounts for the Plan PIVE. This basic finishing JX has air conditioning, tires, sheet 15-inch, power windows with manuals and radio with two speakers. It is the ideal car to transform in a machine off-road of high calibre, or the indicated for fleets. The rest of the finishes added amenities, but never be able to equip climate control, cruise control or a browser. Of course, there is no option of an automatic gearbox, or other drive system.

a car Is relatively rough, archaic, and uncomfortable, but with a few off-road capabilities like no other. And a lot of personality, that’s why we love it.

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