The Swedish police is the first to use the all-new Volvo V90 as a police vehicle

Volvo V90 - Coche de Policía

The police of Sweden will be the first to use the all-new Volvo V90 as a police vehicle.

early next year the police of Sweden will receive the first units of the new Volvo V90 to be used as a police vehicle. After overcoming with all the pre-tests which have been made members of that body of security, finally the Swedish police has chosen to select the V90 as your new vehicle emergencies. Complies with all the requirements of a police vehicle.

As is logical, the emergency vehicles must meet certain safety requirements more stringent than on-road vehicles normal. In the specific case of the Swedish police, the official vehicles used by the security corps must also meet a series of requirements in terms of performance, comfort, quality, or ergonomics, among many other aspects.

¿what type of testing subjects the Swedish police to their vehicles? The test car carried out by the police in Sweden can be grouped in five specific areas: brake test, obstacle course, evidence of evasive manoeuvres with and without braking and driving of emergency at high speed. He points out that Volvo, the new V90 has been awarded a score of 9.2 out of 10, the highest mark achieved by a vehicle that is believed to be the official car of the Swedish police.

Volvo V90 - Coche de Policía

the first units of The Volvo V90 adapted for police use come the body police Swedish at the beginning of 2017.

while the Swedish police will be the first one to use the V90 in their work daily, Volvo will also sell their police vehicles in other countries. By the time Norway, Italy, the Uk and the Netherlands are some of the countries which will be added to Sweden to incorporate to its fleet of police vehicles the all-new Volvo V90.

Obviously, the V90 has been adapted to be able to perform the duties of a police vehicle. The chassis is more robust and dynamic, the brakes and suspension have been improved while that have been added to all the elements, communication devices and tools that you need to this body of state security. All units are produced and adapted for such use in the factory of Volvo in Torslanda (Sweden).

it is Now the new Volvo V90 is already on sale in Spain. His price of output is 47.713 euros for the version of access set by the motor D3 with front-wheel drive and connected both to a manual gearbox as an automatic. The range is composed by a total of five options to which later is added to the hybrid variant plug-in with 45 miles in electric-only mode.