The system is V2V ready to make the jump to the truck

V2V camiones

The other day I talked about that the united States wants the system communication between vehicles V2V out of series on the new cars that are sold in the country. To us it seemed like a very good idea because the technological level of cars is growing and can serve as a safety feature to prevent more traffic accidents. However, it seems that this system is not going to be satisfied with getting to the normal cars, and currents.

The company Field Technology, with headquarters in Silicon Valley (California, Usa) is completing the leap of technology for V2V trucks of goods. As we said before, if the arrival of the cars seems to us an excellent idea that you get to the truck looks even better. We all know that truck drivers spend many hours behind the wheel of these huge masses of metal and are much more likely to suffer accidents (by the physical laws to which they are subject) that the cars that have this system can help you to avoid certain situations that compromise their safety and the rest of the people that circulate through the pathway.

V2V camiones

Joshua Switkes, CEO of Field Technology, has said that during the next year, 2017 the company will begin to perform the first tests by roads open to traffic in the united States. To perform, the company will provide to companies with fleets of trucks that want to participate the software and transponders necessary to ensure that the trucks can communicate between them.

With this system Platoon Technology claims that transport companies will be able to drastically reduce the fuel consumption to be able to notice thereof, of the situations that have been on the road. All of these parameters will be monitored during the time the tests are performed for for the next year, 2018, the system is available in the market to incorporate them into the trucks as standard equipment or optional.

Source – Field Technology