The system of tokens will disappear in 2017: freedom of development


Photo: Red Bull

The return of the V6 engines brought with it a measure that caused headaches not only to fans, but also journalists. The system of ‘tokens‘ (very well explained here by our colleague David Plaza) was based on the limited development of the power unit during the season. The teams had a series of ‘tabs’ which could go to spending throughout the course. With the entry of Honda, in 2015, the manufacturers were able to evolve their engines, but on the basis of the tokens that had not been spent during the winter on the new drive. This year the system is maintained, but as reported Motorsport, the brands have decided to delete it to 2017.

That will be a year of many changes in the regulations, and the regulations concerning the engines will be altered. With these modifications, the teams will have freedom to develop throughout the season their engines as much as they want, with only one condition: to introduce the improvements as a pilot have to replace that part of the power unit. Has not been specified, but it is understood that maintaining the sanctions by change of thrust (or one of its components) and that will compensate for the evolution with those penalties of positions lost on the grill. This year the teams have 32 ‘tokens’, that they were going to be 25 in 2017, 20 in 2018, 15 in 2019 before the measurement announces Motorsport.

has communicated Cyril Abiteboul during the day of presentation of the project of Renault: “A Formula 1 with the regulation of the motors dictation is not good for anyone. Or Mercedes, or Renault, or Ferrari, we all want to change it. We have decided, for the public to clarify, to stop the confusion that generates the token system, and eliminate this system. One of the reasons that we all agree on this is because we need to converge the performance of the engines.” the odd Thing is that tokens are introduced, in theory, to reduce the cost of the power unit and now it is deleted within a package of measures to make the Formula 1 more economic.