The system of water injection of the BMW M4 GTS will come, with all the logic, more brands in 2019

BMW worked not only to create a BMW M4 even more wild with the BMW M4 GTS. The most radical of the BMW 4 Series has also served as a laboratory (with spoiler and roll cage) for a technology, the system of injection of water, we will soon see in more models and not only of the brand of Munich.

Bosch, in charge of its development, has already announced the expansion of this system:

As he pointed out in a statement to Coach Fabiana Piazza, at the head of the global projects of Bosch, and Martin Frohnmaier, responsible at Bosch, project of water injection, this technology could be applied to all segments, and in fact the brand would be working to go a step further, to offer it to more brands, after having used the BMW M4 GTS to as the “client driver”.

His incorporation into “mass” market would be scheduled for 2019, enjoying an advantageous position by not having other alternatives offering this technology. In addition to its expansion abarataría costs, thereby encouraging an even greater presence.

let us Recall that this system helps to improve the performance and reduce the consumption thanks to the temperature reduction that involves injecting water into the combustion process. Had been used before in competition and the BMW M4 GTS has been in charge of implanting it in the streets.