The systems eCall arrive at the motorcycles and BMW is pioneering in its implantation

In 2018 the call in emergency will be obligatory in all the tourism commercialized in Europe, although for a long time it is already a habitual part of grants of equipment of the thickness of the brands, however, why not to implant this system also in the motorcycles? BMW has thought about it and it will include it in its motorcycles.

eCall obligatory in 2018: the call in emergency that could save the life to you, in 10 questions and answers

This system of call in emergency will be available at the beginning of 2017 and so far an optional element appears as whose price not yet has been announced.

The operation of this system eCall for motorcycles follows the same scheme that the implanted one in the cars, being able to operate it of way manual through a button or of automatic way in case of accident, sending the coordinates of the place from the accident to the call center of BMW, from where the protocol begins in emergency.

This service will be available so far in all Europe and opens the door to that little by little it thinks about restoring this system in all the new motorcycles, is or by pressure of the market, because more and more manufacturers mount it or by governmental pressure, becoming an exigency of the security equipment as it has happened in the cars.


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