The taxi drivers again for it to regulate the activity of Uber and Cabify

taxi drivers have ceased to expect a reaction on the part of the Government, which labeled as little committed to the cause, and colliding the same for the services of Uber and Cabify. This “lack of commitment” to ensure that the administration is the main reason of the multitudinous manifestation that has taken place in the city of Madrid. It has been called by the four associations of taxi drivers in the province.

Between 11 hours and 13 hours taxi service has remained disrupted in major ways. Places of concentration of pedestrians as well as tourists as they are Atocha or madrid Barajas international Airport have been stalled during these hours in regards to the taxi service. The demonstration has led to not pick up passengers at these locations, a strike that called on the administration to ensure this service.

According to the latest estimates, between 7,000 and 10,000 people have gone to this mass demonstration. This crowd has crossed several streets until reaching the Plaza de Cibeles, where they have delivered a letter to the mayor of Madrid. This message that you will receive Manuela Carmena speaks of the activity “illegitimate” service-providers Uber and Cabify, asking the administration to put more sanctions in the face of these platforms.