The taxi of the future already wheel in the united States: Uber begins testing autonomous vehicles

a few years Ago, my colleague Luis Ortego wrote an interesting article in which he spoke to us how would be a city in the year 2030. Among other things, predicted as the taxis self-employed would come to our door, leading us to our destination without any human interaction, with complete security. The “prophecy” was true, but possibly not have to wait until 2030 for that taxis autonomous replenish our streets. Uber has already begun testing in Pittsburgh (united States) to the taxi of the future.

In march, Uber is adhered to the platform created by Google to support the development of technologies for driving autonomous.

Uber has chosen Pittsburgh, the steel city, as the headquarters of his “Advanced Technologies Center”, a technology development centre that works with the aim of develop – among other things – the taxi of the future. The american city noted for its tradition of innovation, and is the headquarters of the Carnegie Mellon University, an educational centre of international prestige in robotics. After a hunt of talents in this university, the researchers of the technological company have already rode the first Uber self-employed.

uber-appThe project uses a Ford Fusion Hybrid as a development platform, and of time, is not using to provide transportation services. In the car is always an engineer, accompanied of equipment, sensors and radars of high technology. Currently, we found developed a detailed map of the streets. The next step will be to confer independent abilities to the car, and to adjust your interaction with other users of the streets. Within the exceptional technology of an autonomous vehicle, this particular Uber is one more.

Loaded with sensors, cameras and radar proximity, the Ford Fusion Hybrid Uber has already taken his first steps the self-employed.

If all continues to go well, we estimate that would begin pilot testing in a matter of months, with entire safety under strict supervision of human. The city of Pittsburgh is also working on this project, and has extended its legal support to other manufacturers of autonomous vehicles. The development of the driverless car seems unstoppable, and the project of Uber gives us clues about the future of mobility – and the business model of the company. If there is a company that is going to benefit directly and heavily on this type of vehicles, is Uber.

google-car-coche-autonomo-errores-01do Not work for the sake of the technological progress, but rather by love to the profitability. The progress is undeniable, and the future seems to be necessarily for a technological revolution and the legislative for the taxi industry – charged challenges, as well as social conflicts and economic.

Source: The Verge