The TCR filled with great doubts the grill of the WTCC


The fusion between the TCR Series with Marcello Lotti and the WTCC seems to be the only viable outlet and at the same time effective to maintain with life the World of Cars. However, as about the confirmation of this union of concepts, also begin to reveal the cons or negative points that you can get to produce. In this aspect and taking for granted that there will be no official teams, virtually all pilots who have taken over the Top 10 of the WTCC in 2017 do not have secured its future in the event, or directly as you look at other formats and categories.

The interviews that Neild Hudson has performed in ‘TouringCarTimes’ to a good part of the protagonists of the season 2017 WTCC makes it clear that uncertainty is the queen of the grill. Volvo has no option to defend his title because that does not even have a vehicle TCR to offer to private computers. In this way, the current champion Thed Björk is out of play as a pilot with a current contract with the brand, while Nicky Catsburg seems to bet by BMW Motorsport in its condition of a pilot with serious options to compete with the BMW M8 GTE / GTLM next year. Néstor Girolami also be sought for a programme of future.

they are Not much more clear in the breast of Honda, by far the japanese firm has a Honda Civic TCR and client computers with enough weight as to afford a guarantee program. Tiago Monteiro finished his contract, while Esteban Guerrieri has been a patch to the absence of the Portuguese. Norbert Michelisz has its own team of TCR, although they are all waiting to see what decision you take Honda and the implication that has in the new World. Classic championship as Tom Coronel or Mehdi Bennani could well be followed in the contest, though none has moved tab by the time.

On the opposite side can be placed Tom Chilton and Rob Huff, maybe the two pilots that the more attached they seem to have their future. In the case of the british, Tom Chilton will focus on the BTCC. One of the objectives of the third place in the WTCC in 2017 passes by winning this contest and without a joint programme, could focus their efforts in achieving this. Just the opposite bet Rob Huff, which intends to follow a program similar to that which has been in 2017 and which has led him to compete in the World, in the TCR Series or in the CTCC among other championships.