The TDI engines EA288 Volkswagen are completely legal


because of the Scandal at Volkswagen, the TDI engines of the German group are otherwise very different. So much so that despite the fact that it is specified from the beginning that they were only affected blocks EA189 Euro 5, during the last few days was starting to grow the doubts about the legality of the engines EA288.

Volkswagen has officially communicated that the TDI EA288 Euro 5 and Euro6 are completely legal, and that emissions of these are in line with their respective approvals in Europe without the need of resorting to any kind of tampering.

The doubt, it was logical since the EA288, introduced in 2012, is the successor to the EA189, they both share many components, however the more modern of them do not possess the fraudulent software that allowed the previous model to overcome the emission test.


The 11 million vehicles involved in around the world still waiting for a solution to this problem of emissions. At the moment it is known that the 2.0 TDI EA189 only need a software update of the ecu, however the 1.6 TDI will require in addition to physical modifications. The case of the 1.2 TDI is still unknown.

whatever the proceedings on these vehicles will begin in early 2016 at no cost to the customer. You can check if your model Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda is one of those affected by the scandal Volkswagen if you have to be attentive to the news, although the manufacturer will contact customers from here on out.

The work on the technical solutions that are detailed in the action plan is proceeding at full speed. The corrective measures on the vehicles will begin in January 2016 at no cost to the customers, ” informed the manufacturer of vehicles.

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