The Team HRC Rally moved its base to Spain


Honda can not afford a new fiasco in the Dakar and although we’re still in the month of April, begin the changes in the Team HRC Rally. The training account, with Joan Barreda as the main tip of the spear and the condition of the Spanish rider has been one of the causes for undertaking this movement. The Team HRC Rally has moved to the headquarters of Montesa-Honda in Spain. In this way, the team dakariano sits on Santa Perpetuade the Mogoda, in Barcelona. A step to be closer to her star and take advantage of synergies and efforts.

The facilities of Montesa-Honda in Santa Perpetua de la Mogoda have a great history and competitive without going any further is the home of Repsol Honda Trial Team, team of absolute reference in the category and also of the Idemitsu Honda Team Asia, training to compete in the World Motorcycling championship. With the arrival of the Team HRC Rally, the facilities receive another official team of Honda Corporation, in addition to accommodate in its interior the Spanish headquarters of Honda Motor Europe, facilities Montesa-Honda and the european office of the HRC. a declaration of intentions, and above all, a great step for the unification.

taking Advantage of this movement, which will allow the Team HRC Rally have a facility of 250 m2, divided into workshops, stores and offices, the team also performed a small restructuring on its staff. Roberto Boasso is the new Team Manager of Team HRC Rally. With great experience and over 17 editions of the Dakar at their backs, Roberto Boasso is a wanderer of the race having formed part of KTM, Bordone-Ferrari, Aprilia and Husqvarna, attending pilots of the stature of Carlo de Gavardo, francisco Lopez, Toby Price and Pablo Quintanillia. In addition, as agreed with Joan Barreda in Aprilia.