The teams agree to change the classification system for 2016


Photo: Red Bull.

The team leaders as well as the leaders of the Formula 1 have gathered in Geneva, according to Motorsport, to agree on new measures to introduce in this sport. One of them is to modify the current classification, in which the teams have agreed on a new format after hours of debate. Have reached a preliminary agreement, which still must be approved by the World Council of Motor (that meets in Paris next march 4), but have since announced, as reported Motorsport, what would be the new system, which will come in the regulations this same 2016:


16 minutes duration. Start the 22 pilots, and seven minutes is removed the car with the worst time. There are still 21 cars. A minute and a half then deleted another, the minute and a half following another, and so on until the 16 minutes in which there will be seven deleted.


15 minutes duration, 15 pilots. After six minutes, the slowest will be eliminated, leaving 14 cars on track. When you spend a minute and a half, will be removed when you have the worst time at that instant, and the next minute and a half to another, and so on, until at the end of the 15 minutes seven deleted. Spend eight round final.


eight pilots that it is maintained in classification will have a 14-minute final round. Five minutes in, the one with the worst time will be eliminated. Will be seven cars and 9 minutes. The next minute and a half you will remove another, and then another, and so on until the only remaining two pilots who, at the last minute and a half of session will be played pole and the second position.

This system looks for that in no time you can see the empty track with all the cars, saving tires and waiting for the final minutes to get out to the track. In addition, we have studied a ballast system which would add extra time to the time achieved in classification for each rider depending on their position in the championship. According to Motorsport, has not reached unanimity on that, and its implementation is more difficult.