The technical details of the GP of the united States Formula 1


The bad weather severely reduced the activity on the track, since the race direction decided to cancel the second session of Friday’s free practice and Q3. The rest of the sessions were played with a lot of water and do this significantly limited the possibility to compare the new parts with the already known.

despite this, teams are encouraged to try some of them, being McLaren one of the teams with more work in that sense.


The british team upgraded slightly its front wing, modifying the separation of the curvature of the lower plane with respect to the endplate, looking for a improvement of the treatment of the aerodynamic flow and the vortices generated by contacting it with the spoiler.

Another of the changes occurred on the floor of the car, specifically in the created slots just in front of the rear tire. They radically changed in form, going to be much more numerous and by modifying your address and tamaño.


Ferrari also changed his front wing, smoothing out the curvature of the flat side, changing the angle of the plane’s main on arrival at the endplate and minimizing drastically the binding of the same with the immediate superior. All with a view to improving the treatment of the aerodynamic flow, something that determines the quality of the same throughout the monoplaza.


Mercedes came to Austin with the title of constructors in the pocket and with Lewis Hamilton as a clear candidate to be crowned new champion this weekend, but that did not stop them from continue to introduce changes in the car.


On this occasion, a new air intake in the upper part of the body caught the attention in the paddock, forcing you to open the bonnet and to reposition the television camera something more delayed and low. Also widened the ventilation holes of the rear, specifically coupled to the suspension arms and to the sides of the exhaust pipe, with a view to a for better cooling and aerodynamics internal of the car.


Toro Rosso also chose to add a shot of extra air in the upper part of the body, although in this case in a way something more discreet.

On the whole, the united States Grand Prix turned out to be a taste of Mexico, that if you get to the Formula 1 with good time, you will see how these and other developments are tested in a comprehensive and conscientious, always already thinking of the season 2016.