The telemetry talk: Hamilton did not do a brake test Vettel


The great controversy of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, the incident between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel during the second Safety Car, remained a source of controversy after the race, with accusations exchanged between both pilots about who was to blame for the first contact. Vettel believed that Hamilton had suddenly reduced speed, leading to the touch, while the british maintained that he had not done anything different compared to the previous period of Safety Car.

The FIA handled the situation to penalize Vettel with a Stop & Go of 10 seconds, and leaving without a penalty to Hamilton, something that also brought her tail afterwards. However, the data revealed by the FIA this afternoon have confirmed that their decision was well-reasoned, and that Hamilton was right in his explanation. The team of commissioners, who reviewed and analyzed the manoeuvre during the race came to the conclusion that Hamilton had not slowed down or reduced the speed significantly, and that this behavior had developed in the same way in the resalida previous.

The telemetry that comes with the onboard of Hamilton at that time shows that the Mercedes driver partially applied the throttle in the curve before hitting the brake to reduce the speed to about 50 kilometers per hour, with the aim to re-launch the test, without exceeding the Safety Car before passing the line located to such effect. A second later, there was contact with Vettel, almost imperceptible from the perspective of the Mercedes.

on the other hand, the commissioners considered that, in the manoeuvre later, Vettel “it was put to the side of the car 44 and then turned to him”, and determined that this maneuver was “potentially dangerous”. Hence the penalty that ended up costing the podium at the German pilot, in addition to the loss of three points of your Superlicencia, that collects 9 penalty. Although two of them will be deleted in the near future, the German pilot is a dangerous incident to achieve the 12 points penalty, which would lead to his exclusion for a test.