The ten brands and models of cars most sold in Spain

As is usual in Current Engine, at the beginning of the month we bring to you the records of sales of passenger cars in the previous month by comparing with periods, predecessors and analyzing the behavior of the different channels. But no less important for us is to know what are being the brands and models that most sales obtained in Spain.

so far In 2018, enrollment will have increased by 10.8 % compared to the first quarter of 2017; a leap quite remarkable. But let’s see what brands have been the most sold in the few months that we have been this year and what models of cars have been the most enrolled in our country. Sure that you are curious about it.

Brands of cars sold in 2018

Mark Dealings market Share
Mark Dealings market Share
Seat 39.253 sales 8.60 %
Volkswagen 35.984 sales 7.89 %
Peugeot 33.992 sales 7.45 %
Renault 30.907 sales 6.77 %
Opel 30.438 sales 6.67 %
Citroën 25.243 sales 5.53 %
Ford 23.496 sales 5.15 %
Nissan 23.216 sales 5.09 %
Toyota 23.845 sales 5.23 %
Audi 21.791 sales to 4.78 %

The year starts pretty well for Seat, leading the list of sales in terms of the best-selling brands. For the moment, the Spanish brand sum 39.253 dealings, which give it a market share of 8,60 %. Behind, and very close to, is the German Volkswagen, which has added 35.984 sales in the first quarter to move into second place with a market share of 7,89 %. The third place of the podium is for Peugeot and their 33.992 sales, with a share of 7,45 %. In fourth and fifth place are Renault and Opel.

In regards to the big three premium brands, Audi exits achieved in the top10 with 21.185 enrolments. Mercedes and BMW are somewhat delayed, with 18.741 and 17.865 cars sold, respectively, in these early stages of the year.

Models of most cars sold in 2018

Model Dealings market Share
Model Dealings market Share
Seat Ibiza 13.899 sales 3.05 %
Seat Leon 12.370 sales 2.71 %
Nissan Qashqai 10.792 sales 2.37 %
Dacia Sandero 10.396 sales 2.28 %
Volkswagen Polo 10.228 sales 2.25 %
Volkswagen Golf 9.960 sales 2.18 %
Opel Corsa 9.383 sales 2.06 %
Renault Clio 9.197 sales 2.02 %
Fiat 500 8.914 sales 1.95
Peugeot 208 8.223 sales 1.78 %

The Seat Ibiza is the one who tops the list of best selling models in these first months of 2018 thanks to its 13.899 enrolments. Yes, his brother, the Seat Leon, it remains very close with a difference of just 1,500 units. No more withdrawn of the two Spanish models appears the Nissan Qashqai , a car that always proves a great success, having enrolled 10.792 units in this first quarter of the year. The fourth and fifth place are two best-sellers, such as the Dacia Sandero and the Volkswagen Polo.

Source – ANIACAM

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