The tension between Hamilton and Rosberg is the biggest weakness of Mercedes

Toto Wolff, Mercedes, GP Bélgica 2014Toto Wolff believes the team is more united than ever and are stronger than ever, the results of 2014 and 2015 so it is endorsed. In fact, the Mercedes W06 has been the car most dominant of all time. Know the details of the engine before the rest has positioned itself in a better position to compete with superiority over the rest, in addition to the good work they have done with the car and the chassis.

But Wolff assures that they have a weakness to very strong, and it is that the two pilots holders are not united, and the tension between the two is the greatest weakness of Mercedes, so much that it comes to ask if a change of riders could benefit the team. Although honestly it is something that I very much doubt, I don’t think that the problem is such, and that rather they are selling a smoke to try to give a picture of instability when there is not.

Rosber y Hamilton distantesWollf states that “we Fight to win races on Sundays and we always have a pilot annoying […] We made the decision to have two pilots matched, in order to make progress to the team faster and better. The decision was a very conscious three years ago. In the future, we will consider if it is best for the team. The personality and character within the team, is a crucial ingredient for success.“.

Also adds that “If you feel that is not aligned with the general consensus, the spirit and the philosophy within the team, prodríamos consider taking a decision regarding the alignment of pilots face the future. I think that it is important to have with drivers of talent and quick with the car. But we want to work with good guys.“. Who will be chosen to go out if this is real (which I doubt…)?