The Tesla could be stolen through a hole in your security

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No one can say that Tesla Motors has broken many of the barriers that there is in the automotive sector. Without having a tradition in the sector has become a genuine reference thanks to a business model that is completely innovative. All of this has been watered by the genius of its creator and his way of carrying out the business as none of the directors of the other brands that make up the panorama automotive world.

Tesla has achieved level of technology in their cars very high, at the same level as Mercedes-Benz and other rivals in this category. However so much technology could go against you when we talk about that this technology is still incipient and many hackers could aguarnos the party if we had one of their cars. This is what has happened to them recently, since has discovered a hole in their security and could be sustraidos of their garages without making any noise.


According to ADSL Zone has discovered a major hole in their security system when they are parked and connected to a wifi network external. According to this medium could be stealing from a really simple way one of the vehicles of Tesla with the single use of an application developed and available on the Android platform.

So that the vehicle can be subtracted by a caco would be enough the use of the mobile application that the brand has to move their cars designed for the mobile operating system Android. by means of a wifi connection nearby the car the hacker can take control of the vehicle once it is connect to the network that you are using the thief.

Now you will say you do this is not so easy and I am convinced that there will be, but for the friends of the other each time there are less difficult things and steal a Tesla it will be each time less. While tranto it is advisable that if you have a Tesla and a mobile phone with Android system we do not use the remote mode of the car and more in public. Otherwise, the firm is analyzing the problem to prevent that their cars can be stolen using this technique.

Source – ADSL Zone

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