The Tesla Model 3 has already 276.000 reserves and its screen, the LG will do

Tesla Model 3 interior Tesla Model 3 is the vehicle that everyone speaks from their presentation makes scant three days. The main attraction of the new saloon electric is that sits as the access to the range and that comes with an attractive price that can reach the public at large. Part of the $ 35,000 and to make a reservation we require a deposit of $ 1,000, in the early hours orders shot up surprising the company itself.

Is reached 115.000 reservations on Friday with your presentation, it exceeded 200,000 by the next day and now the founder of the company gives us a new and surprising figure. Through his personal Twitter account, Elon Musk, desvelaba that have already been reached 276.000 orders, an unprecedented amount for a car that will hit the streets in 2017 and that will lead them to having to rethink the production process to not have many delays.

Tesla Model 3The presence of Musk in the social networks in the last few days is pretty intense and also revealed a technical data important. The Tesla Model 3 will standard with rear-wheel drive and optionally can be configured with awd. Also added that even with the traction at the rear axle provide a good grip on ice, thanks to the quick response of the electric propulsion system.

on the other hand comes to us another novelty of the Model 3. Still their details are scarce, but some of the pictures of his presentation left to see an interior very technology that used a large-sized screen and eliminated completely the buttons. Apparently this touch screen will have a 15-inch and the charge of its realization will be the giant of the electronics, LG. As you can see, it will go in a horizontal position in the center console, unlike its brethren, the Model S and Model X, where the screen is placed in a vertical position.

Source – Reuters