The Tesla Model 3 has already reached the us market

The Tesla Model 3 was commercially launched in the united States, where it sells from $ 35,000. Its range is 500 km with a single charge of its batteries.

Con more than 325,000 reservations made in just a week, the Tesla Model 3 is transformed into the launch, but more important, of the history, and now those first clients that booked his unit last year, have begun to receive their vehicles.

The Model 3 was manufactured in the Tesla Factory in California and with a sale price of $ 35,000, model is the most affordable that has the american company. The signature of Elon Musk estimated that the Model 3 will transform into your product more successful, because that thanks to his character more accessible, it may be the scope of a spectrum wider audience.

Of size more compact and with a good design simple, highlighting your front without grill and an interior without any kind of buttons or dashboard, since everything is controlled by a huge central screen in landscape format.

Has five squares and, as is usual in models of the firm, headed by Elon Musk, offers a high level of efficiency, with performance worthy of a sports. Your autonomy with a single charge of its batteries is 500 km while 0-100 achieved in just 5.1 seconds.

With a price part of the $ 35,000 (31.800 €), the first units of the Tesla Model 3 started to be delivered last 28 July and are already in the hands of their owners.