The Tesla Model 3 sweeps, and 200,000 bookings in less than two days

Tesla Model 3As you know, the Tesla Model 3 at the end, it has been revealed. The new member of the family arrives directly to rival the BMW 3 Series and company with a very modern and fully electric that is responsible for moving your body. The key of this model is its accessibility, and its price is about $ 35,000. Maybe that’s why the brand announces that in just 48 hours they have received 200.000 reservations and a deposit of us $ 200 million. A boot dream right?

The Tesla Model 3 opens a new door for the customers that have in mind to buy a Tesla. It is situated as the access to the range, with a body more compact than its brother the Model S and an equipment equally outstanding. Its design has not disappointed, and it has a modern line, with a front very attractive that you forget calandras and a behind very well finished off. The profile leaves us with an appearance of the vehicle very dynamic that looks like not the DNA Tesla.

Tesla Model 3When it had only been an hour since they opened the reservations Tesla already had 100,000 orders. Each client had to deposit $ 1,000 to complete this booking, customers will have to wait until the end of 2017 or early 2018 in order to receive your order. The expectations were very high, analysts made a forecast of around 100,000 orders for the first weekend, a figure that was reached in less than a day. Now, it has surpassed the 200,000 reservations.

But, why? What is the key of this Tesla Model 3? Its main attraction is the base price, which stands at a juicy $ 35,000. In addition, the model of Tesla has managed to keep the philosophy of the brand that combines luxury and exclusivity with sportiness.

Source – Tesla