The Tesla Model 3 will come to Latin America and Brazil will be the first market to receive it

The new Tesla Model 3 will be marketed in Brazil, among other international markets. In addition you will arrive to India, where it could be produced.

2018 Tesla Model 3Llast week Tesla finally presented in the form of official Model 3, a saloon which, thanks to their entry price stood at around us $ 35,000, aims to achieve that the us label is accessible to a wider amount of potential customers.

Incredibly, the Tesla Model 3 had nothing less than to 150,000 orders during the first 24 hours, even before the final model is released, because up to the time the Model 3 is a prototype. But in addition, the company founded by Elon Musk announced that this new product will be available in several new markets international, among which are south Africa, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, India, and Brazil.

on the other hand the firm said that before the end of 2017 Tesla double your points-of-sale to a total of around 440, which are to be distributed between the united States, Europe and Asia. The Model 3 will not go into production until next year, but the company is already accepting reservations, with deposit of $ 1,000 or 1,000 euros, depending on the markets.

From the company will ensure your arrival to the world markets will not occur together, as in the first stage you will disembark in united States, then we arrive to Europe and in a later stage to Asia, South america, etc, it Would be impossible for his arrival to all regions simultaneously, as the certification standards for this type of products require different production needs.

new markets are two to which they will pay special attention. One of them is India, for the potential, which provides a market of that magnitude, and where does not rule out its production in the form local and the other is Brazil, it is also an important market, that comply in addition with the purpose of to evaluate the performance of the brand in the markets of Latin America.