The Tesla Model 3 will have to pay to use the Supercharger

Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3, the electric vehicle more affordable of the brand, will not benefit from one of the advantages of the brand: its network of Supercharger. Up until now, customers who were getting other models like the Model S or the Model X, could get free access to these recharging points fast. Due to the great demand that has been the Model 3, it has been decided to your buyers will pay by using this service.

And confirm Elon Musk, CEO of the brand, saying that the Model 3 there are that separate it from the rest of the range. The reason is its affordable price of $ 35,000 and the fact that it has already received more than 400,000 bookings. These factors are the ones which have forced the brand to have to charge you for the Supercharger. It will be a package for unlimited use at the time of purchase the vehicle, but still it is not known what the price will be.

Tesla Model 3“Even so it will be cheap, a lot cheaper than the cost of the gasoline to cover long distances,” said Musk. Also justified it by saying that “it is not that we want to make it more expensive, it is because we do not find a way to make it less expensive.” For the moment Tesla has 632 stations Supercharger and from 3,780 chargers in all over the world. The intention is for the network to grow significantly in the coming years.

In Spain at the moment we only have two Supercharger and is installing a third party in Valencia. With these points recharge quickly you could increase the autonomy up to 270 km in half an hour. Still it is quite to start production of the Tesla Model 3 and to know how much will be charged for this service, but it is less to open its doors for the new Gigafactory of the brand.

Source – Tesla