The Tesla Model And already has its first official image

Tesla teaches us a little bit about the Model And its new compact SUV that will arrive to the market in 2019. The image does not allow to appreciate too much, but am surprised at the absence of mirrors.

Andl compact SUV of Tesla is on its way and the u.s. company is already disseminated a first official image, which anticipates part of your silhouette on the front. This is the new Tesla Model And a model that according to the words of Elon Musk, will hit the market approximately in 2019.

Tesla Model And will not be based on the Model 3 but, on the contrary, will make one of a new platform. Is that Musk recognizes having been wrong to build the Model X on the same platform used by the Model S, which does not pretend to make the same mistake with the new Model Y.

By the time the manufacturer has not shared more information about the new Model And, beyond this first image. Of all modes the Model And will be released at the end of the summer, initially as a prototype, since its arrival on the market is expected towards 2020.

The first image only allows you to appreciate your front, although it is perceived that there has mirrors. While for some it can be a detail of a prototype, perhaps this is a breakthrough that would shed a clue as to their functions driving autonomous.

For the construction of this new model, the u.s. firm will introduce a manufacturing process more automated, which will take place in a new factory.